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Monthly Archives: April 2011

What do Will & Kate, “birthers,” and ADAAA/FMLA coordination have in common? Nothing, really.

Posted in Americans with Disabilities Act, Discrimination, Family and Medical Leave Act
What effect will the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act have on administration of the Family and Medical Leave Act? (First in a series) The ADAAA has dramatically expanded the class of people who are considered "disabled" within the meaning of the ADA. And Congress keeps passing laws affecting employees with medical conditions with very little apparent regard for already-existing laws and very little effort to coordinate. As a result, employers are continually having to learn the new laws, while trying their best to figure out for themselves how to comply with new Law E without simultaneously violating existing Laws A, B, C, and D.… Continue Reading

Religion in the Workplace: 5 Devilish Employer Mistakes

Posted in Discrimination
In my own corner of the world, the toughest religious accommodation issues I've ever faced had to do with devout Baptists wanting to be off on Sunday mornings so that they could go to church. In honor of the coming Passover and Easter holidays (or whichever holiday you observe or do not observe), here is a list of the top five religious discrimination and accommodation mistakes made by employers.… Continue Reading

Oh, the humanity! Stupidity rules in social media and employment

Posted in Social media
So much social media stupidity has been in the news this week that one hardly knows where to begin. School teachers who allegedly vented about their students on their Facebook pages and got busted by alert (and litigious) parents. Text messages about job searches accidentally sent to current (but soon-to-be-former) employers. And, meanwhile, the National Labor Relations Board is doing its best to give employees a federally guaranteed right to be stupid.… Continue Reading