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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Happy *hic* New Year! 2011 labor and employment law year in review

Posted in Affirmative Action, Americans with Disabilities Act, Class actions, Discrimination, Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act, GINA, Harassment, Independent Contractor, Labor Relations, Protected Concerted Activity, Retaliation, Social media, Wage-Hour
Here is a whimsical and moderately amusing catalog of the major employment and labor law developments from 2011. (I just heard that the world really isn't going to end on 12/21/12. What's with that? You mean we have to do this again next year?)… Continue Reading

Don’t let that employee probationary period lull you into a false sense of security

Posted in Americans with Disabilities Act, Discrimination, Employment at Will, Protected Concerted Activity
Employers, are you expecting too much from your "probationary period"? Most employers have a 90-day "probationary period," and if you believe what's in their policies, they can fire an employee for any reason during that period -- no ifs, ands, or buts. But, is that correct?… Continue Reading