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3 employer bummers: Veganism a “religion,” ADA interactive process fails, and costly severance mistake

Posted in Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Procedure, Discrimination, Employment at Will, Family and Medical Leave Act
A court says veganism might be a "religion" requiring accommodation, a school district gets nailed for failing to engage in the "interactive process" under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and yet another employer makes an avoidable and very expensive mistake with a severance package. Fun and games!… Continue Reading

This week in labor and employment law – Marx Brothers Edition

Posted in Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Procedure, Class actions, Discrimination, Harassment, Protected Concerted Activity, Retaliation, Social media, Wage-Hour
It's been another zany week or so in the world of labor and employment law, rivalling Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo. Pepsi bottling pays $3.13 MM for race discrimination, "garden variety emotional distress," NLRB two-man panel nixes arbitration agreement, Obama and GOP outmaneuver each other on "recess" appointments, Lutherans win big, un-"PC" librarian loses.… Continue Reading

5 reasons for employers to “hold their fire” on dismissal of employment suits

Posted in Civil Procedure, Discrimination, Employment at Will
Defense lawyers often try to dismiss employment lawsuits too early, costing their clients time, money, and sometimes the good will of the judge, which is never a good thing. Here are five reasons why an early motion to dismiss may not be in your best interests as an employer. Our "no legalese" guarantee still applies.… Continue Reading