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Unconfirmed complaints may be enough to trigger an early OFCCP audit

Posted in Affirmative Action
Can a year-old rumor be enough to bring the OFCCP running? One administrative law judge says it can. Judge Lystra Harris recently ruled that, because of an oral complaint of discrimination, Mega Construction Project subcontractor Baker DC, LLC, must allow an early on-site by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. To understand the problematic nature… Continue Reading

“I hate him” is not reasonable cause for a drug test

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ROBIN’S NOTE: I am happy to have Tommy Eden back again for a guest post. Tommy is from Constangy’s offices in Opelika, Alabama, and West Point, Georgia. He drafts DOT and state-specific drug testing policies for clients nationwide, and he serves on the Board of the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association. Employers often want to know how… Continue Reading