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6 ways employers sink their own ships

Posted in HR
It’s not always the employee’s fault when things go bad for an employer. Sometimes the employer has no one to blame but itself. Here are six of the most common ways employers sink their own ships. No. 1: Pointless workplace rules that just make employees mad. I can’t take credit for this one — I… Continue Reading

Weekly catch-up

Posted in Franchise, Independent Contractor, Politics, Wage-Hour
Trump DOL removes Obama DOL guidance on independent contractors, joint employment. On Wednesday, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta removed two Administrator’s Interpretations on independent contractors and joint employment issued during the Obama Administration. Here is our Client Bulletin, which I wrote with Jim Coleman, co-chair of our Wage and Hour Practice Group. The quick and dirty:… Continue Reading

You’ve been warned – those independent contractors are probably employees

Posted in Independent Contractor, Wage-Hour
Are you still using “independent contractors”? Get out of here – you know they’re really employees! On Wednesday, I did a very short “breaking news” post on the new Interpretation issued by Wage and Hour Administrator David Weil on when workers are “employees” versus “independent contractors” under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Here’s more. As employers probably expected, the U.S.… Continue Reading